Sunday, August 28, 2005

*Shen Xiao Hai*

Name: Shen Xiao Hai ( 沈晓海 )
Gender: Male
Birthdate: October 5
Astrological sign: Libra
Blood type: O
Height: 1.79 m
Weight: 64 Kg
Birthplace: Hei Long Jiang/Yi Chun in Mainland China
Family: Parents; one younger brother
Education: Shanghai Drama Institute Performing Arts Department
Lucky Number: 9
Hobbies and Activities: Running; drinking coffee; sunbathing; listening to music
Animal: Horse
Colors: Black; blue; red
Season: Autumn
Flower: Rose
Instruments: Drum; guitar
Entertainers: Charlie Chaplin; Bruce Lee
Food: Potatoes
Beverages: Coffee; carrot Juice
Books: Those written by Hemingway
Holiday: Moon Festival
Places: Yi Chun; Beijing; Hong Kong
Trait in a friend: Honesty/Sincerity
Most satisfactory of his productions thus far: His role as Fu Yu Shu in The New Reincarnation
Xiao Hai's Motto: No matter what you do, be happy while doing so.
Xiao Hai's words for his fans: Just wait; I won't let you guys down!

Some of his series:

Hua Gu Zi
New Reincarnation
A Chinese Ghost Story
Wu Yan Nu
Xin Qi Xia Wu Yi
Fuo Tiao Qiang
Yi Lian You Meng
Yue Shang Jiang Nan: Di Ren Jie Xi Yuan Lu




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